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Hello and welcome on this small page with information about me and my hamradio equipment. This website is complete written in Dutch but on this page you can find some information of me in the English language. I make this page specially for radioamateurs from outside the Netherlands.

Many radioamateurs see my callsign PD2RLD-8 on APRS via the International Space Station (ISS). I use an Alinco DR-135 with a build-in TNC of N1VG. It's called the T2-135 and works fine. However, with the build-in TNC I cannot see any APRS-message. Sometimes I check the website aprs.fi/pd2rld-8 if there are messages send to PD2RLD-8. If there are radioamateurs who asking for a QSL by Email, I can send it to you. Please remember again that I cannot see your messages in real-time, sending a QSL to you can hold up a copple of days or a week. Sorry for that.

PD2RLD-8 is many times active via ARISS.

If you want to E-mail me via this site, please use the contact-link on the left-side.
Fill in your name (Naam), your E-mailaddress (E-mailadres) and type your message below. Then type the anti-spam answer in the form. If you are ready, click on 'Verstuur', better in English: 'Send'.

I don't have any QSL-cards. I can send you only a QSL-card by mail or E-QSO!

I run also an APRS-Server! Please feel free to connect!
You can visit the status-page at http://aprs.pd2rld.nl.
You can connect the server at SERVER.PD2RLD.NL followed by the portnumber.

Beschikbare poorten APRS-Server PD2RLD-JS
Port NumberDescription
1314 Message only feed
10152 Full APRS-Feed
10153 Netherlands Regional
10154 Europe & UK
10155 Stations within 50 km of your location
10156 Stations within 100 km of your location
10157 Stations within 200 km of your location
10158 Stations within 300 km of your location
10159 Stations within 400 km of your location
10160 Stations within 500 km of your location
10161 Feed PD2RLD callsigns only
14580 User defined filter port
14581 30 minutes filtered history (out only)
20152 Full APRS Feed without weather-data
20153 Netherlands Regional without weather-data
20154 Europe & UK without weather-data
20155 Stations within 50 km of your location without weather-data
20156 Stations within 100 km of your location without weather-data
20157 Stations within 200 km of your location without weather-data
20158 Stations within 300 km of your location without weather-data
20159 Stations within 400 km of your location without weather-data
20160 Stations within 500 km of your location without weather-data
Info port 14580

User Defined Filter Port options

Connect server.pd2rld.nl:[port-number]

 You can download a APRS serverlist (for UI-View32 and other) at http://server.pd2rld.nl/aprserve.txt

My name is Roland Boerboom. Since April 2002 I'm radioamateur with the N-licence, also called the Novice-license. With this license I can use the full 2meter and 70centimeter and some frequencies on HF. I don't use the HF-frequencies. I've got no equipment for HF and I cannot place any HF-antenna on the roof.

I live in Beetgumermolen or in the Frisian language: Bitgummole. That is a small town in the north of the Netherlands in the Frisian province. Bitgummole is count less then 1000 inhabitants.

Above a map of the Netherlands. Here can you see where Bitgummole is located.

I'm not a person who talks everyday on a repeater or any other frequencies. Sometimes, if there are conditions, I scan frequencies on 2meter and 70cm and sometimes I make a QSO. I only can send you a nice postcard of my hometown Bitgummole, I don't have original QSL-cards. My address and other information can you find on the QRZ.com website.

Now to my equipment at home.

The shack in my livingroom.

The shack in the evening...

My antennas at the roof of my house.

Close view of the tower.

I use a Diamond X-5000 for 2m, 70cm and 23cm.
On the side you see a Procom CXL70-1 antenna for testing on the 70cm.

My server and other hardware such as a router and a switch.
It's running on Windows Home Server 2011.

Ok, I hope that you enjoy this webpage with some little information about me, my hometown and my radio-equipment. Please feel free to E-mail me with any questions or whatever you want to ask or say. If there any suggestions about the English language, please rapport them to me and I will change it, I do my best and I hope that everyone understands everything on this page.

Many thanks for visit this page, 73's and all the best to you!

Roland Boerboom

E-mail is possible, please use the following E-mail-address:

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